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Mariele Landrom


Mariele is a former D1 collegiate track athlete who is fueled by all the obstacles & adversity in her life. She is a warrior who defeated Crohn's Disease after almost dying weighing 79 lbs, malnourished, having 3 fistulas, a foot and half of her small intestine removed.  She had to focus on healing her body and develop her mindset to be able to defeat Crohn's Disease. After her life experiences she discovered her purpose for being left on this earth. She an authentic, sweet and inspiring Lifestyle Coach. Her compassionate and non-judgmental personality makes it easy for individuals to open up to her. Her sense of humor and style are an extra bonus.  Her goal is to help empower each individual to become the best version of themselves. Mind, Body and Soul! She believes one of the keys to success is constantly growing and getting better. She has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Masters degree in Education Administration & Supervision. She is also a NSL Bikini Athletic Pro.

Jamar Landrom


Jamar Landrom is a former NFL player with the Pittsburg Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has  a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Education. He is a certified personal trainer with hundreds of transformations. On a business and professional level his team has had the top growth in the company for 2 consecutive years. He has won Rising Star Award, Revolutionary Award, Top 25 Income Earner and Top 100 for 4 consecutive times and recently #15 earner. His emphasis is to help each individual win in the mind first before the task is accomplished. He calls that the LET'S GOOOO Mindset!!

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