It all starts with your mindset. We believe in having the LG mindset! This simply means that the individual has already won in their mind.


We believe in the pursuit of complete wellness including nutrition with a balanced diet and movement through exercise. Allow us to help simplify your life and have you looking and feeling your best.


You were created for greatest so its very important to know WHO you are so that you can live out your purpose.Whatever you put after I AM is very powerful and its the key to unlocking your highest potential.


“After giving birth to my second child, I painfully realized that my life had transformed right before my eyes. I had gained 70 pounds that clutched on to every area of my being. I lost a sense of myself and could not identify the woman in the mirror.  Mariele opened her heart and offered her expertise and experiences and I became hopeful. I followed her simple system which helped transform my body from the inside out. Mariele reminded me who I was. After only months on the program, my upbeat personality and athleticism had return with vigor. I went on to lose a total of 50 pounds in

7 months.”

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